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Iguchi Mao published Wedding Photos.

#井口眞緒 – EX-Hinatazaka46 member Iguchi Mao posted wedding photos of her wedding reception on her social media channels. Iguchi Mao, who got married on 17 January 2022, celebrated her wedding with her family on...

Mama finds her No.1! Iguchi Mao got married.

#井口眞緒 – EX-Hinatazaka46 member Iguchi Mao announced her marriage to an ordinary man via Instagram on 17 January 2022. みなさんありがとうございます😭めちゃくちゃ嬉しいです! — 井口眞緒 (@mao_iguchi_) January 17, 2022  

Shut up! Iguchi Mao sings "Usseewa!"

#井口眞緒 に – EX-Hinatazaka46 member Iguchi Mao covered the song “Usseewa” by “ADO” in her own version of “THE FIRST TAKE”. How atonal is Iguchi Mao really? Decide for yourself! Original: 【THE FIRST TAKE】井口眞緒...