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Kitagawa Ryoha releases first Photobook

#北川綾巴 – Japanese publisher Fusosha Publishing has announced the first photobook for EX-SKE48 member Kitagawa Ryoha. The photobook was produced with the theme “Overnight at Shinojima” in Aichi. The book will be released in...


EX-SKE48 member Kitagawa Ryoha has started with her YouTube channel “RYOHA CHANNEL”. On 5 February 2020, she uploaded an introduction video. RYOHA CHANNEL

Kitagawa Ryoha starts Instagram and Twitter

EX-SKE48 member Kitagawa Ryoha has opened new official accounts on Instagram and Twitter.  Instagram: Twitter: やっほーーー🥰♡ 北川綾巴です。 フォローしてねっ!#北川綾巴 #拡散希望 — 綾巴 (@ryoha_1009_) October 2, 2019

Goodbye Ryoha!

On 21 September 2019 the graduation performance of SKE48 fan favourite Kitagawa Ryoha took place in the SKE48 Theater. Kitagawa Ryoha belongs to the 6th generation of SKE48. She was together with Miyamae Ami...