Yokoyama Yui starring in “ABSO-METAL Re:START”.

In the sixth year of its successful production “ABSO-METAL”, Japanese theater troupe “Ginganen” will revive chapters one and two with the production “Ginganen Vol.6 FUSIONICAL STAGE ‘ABSO-METAL Re:START 1&2′” with a new cast. AKB48 Team K/8 member Yokoyama Yui will play the female lead in the stage part, Masaki Kaoru in the movie part, of this innovative production of movie and stage, which uses Ginganen’s own stage technology. Furthermore, Umino Ruri of 22/7 will be part of the cast. The show will be performed from 8 to 13 June 2021 at Theatre 1010, Tokyo.

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