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Sakurai Reika in "SLAPSTICKS"

#桜井玲香 – Japanese musician, actor and director Keralino Sandorovich’s “KERA CROSS” series of stage plays has its 4th production “SLAPSTICKS”. EX-Nogizaka46 member Sakurai Reika will play a young actress who falls in love for...

Sakurai Reika in "Flashdance The Musical"

The musical adaptation of the movie “Flashdance” will make its Japan debut in autumn, and EX-Nogizaka46 member Sakurai Raika will appear in the musical as “Gloria”. The musical will be performed at Nippon Seinenkan...

Sakurai Reika becomes model for "CLASSY."

The Japanese fashion magazine “CLASSY” will use EX-Nogizaka46 Captain Sakurai Reika as a regular model starting with the next December issue. The December issue will be published on 28 October 2019. CLASSY. Homepage

Sakurai Reika starts Instagram

EX-Nogizaka46 Captain Sakurai Reika opened her official Instagram account on 3 October 2019. Instagram: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Reika Sakurai / 桜井玲香 (@reika_s16)