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Yamamoto Sayaka will perform at Chillin' Vibes 2022

#山本彩 – EX-NMB48 member Yamamoto Sayaka has announced her participation in the Nishinomaru Garden Festival “Chillin’ Vibes 2022” at Osaka Castle Park on 16 October 2022. 〜お知らせ〜 「Chillin' Vibes 2022」2日目に出演させて頂きます🎤! 久しぶりのステージでドキドキですが地元という安心感と喜びも増し増し☺️✨ 誰もがリラックス出来る空間になるといいな☺️🕊🌱 会場:大阪城公園西の丸庭園日時:10月15日(土)、10月16日(日)

Yamamoto Sayaka needs a Break

#山本彩 – EX-NMB48 member Yamamoto Sayaka’s talent agency Showtitle has announced that Yamamoto Sayaka has to take a break due to health reasons. All performances of her including the finale of her “SAYAKA YAMAMOTO...

Yamamoto Sayaka Gets New Radio Show

#山本彩 – EX-NMB48 member Yamamoto Sayaka will moderate the new music show “MOS BURGER HEART STUDIO” at Japanese radio station FM802 (Kansai, Osaka). Together with the radio audience, she will create the program. It...